Spiked Chamber Chastity Cage

Removable sound, Stainless Steel, Durable, Lock and Key included

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Spiked Chamber Chastity Cage



Master Series

This maniacal chastity cage is built for the extreme! Lined with delicious spikes to bite on your dick while you are stretched from the pee-through sound. Squeeze your balls between the small space created from the included ball ring, and lock all three parts together with the included lock and keys and hand them off to your dom for complete submissions.

The removable sound is optional and can be removed via its simple screw on/off design, and the built in ventilation holes make this almost comfortable for you or you sub to wear for extended periods as well.

Built for durability – the simple and extreme design makes this brutal cage easy to use and remove when ready.

The stainless steel alloy is heavy, built to last, and compatible with water and silicone based lubricants.

Material: Stainless steel alloy

Color: Silver

Chastity Cage Measurements: 3.38 inches total length, 3 inch internal length, 1.4 inch internal diameter, 1.5 inches outer diameter.

Sound Measurements: Insertable length 2.3 inches, 0.31 inches at widest diameter, 0.19 inches at narrowest diameter. 0.09 inch diameter pee hole.

Ball Ring Measurements: 1.8 inch internal diameter, 2,27 inch outer diameter

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