Padded Leather Hood – MediumLarge

High quality leather, Padded for comfort, Lockable closures

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Padded Leather Hood – MediumLarge



Padded Leather Hood - MediumLarge

This exquisite leather hood features internal pads over the ears and eyes to block out sound and light, as well as provide a more snug and comfortable fit. A sturdy, adjustable collar with lockable closure toggle surrounds the neck and features a metal D-ring in the front that allows you to attach additional bondage gear as your set-up requires. Lacing runs from the top of the head to the nape of the neck, and a soft leather inner panel prevents hair from becoming tangled in the laces. The hood also zips closed in the back to cover the laces, if desired. Grommeted metal breathing holes in the front of the hood give your slave access to air. With their other senses dulled, your sub will have nothing to do but focus on the pleasure or pain that you allow them!

Measurements: Neck strap adjusts from 15 to 19 inches around, Neck opening is 17.5 inches in circumference with zipper closed. Zipper can be unzipped to accommodate larger necks, up to 19 inches in circumference.

Material: Leather, Metal

Color: Black

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