Forced Orgasm Belt with Saddle Straps

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Forced Orgasm Belt with Saddle Straps



Master Series

Take your ride to another level with this Forced Orgas Saddle Straps Belt! Compatible with the 50X Saddle Pro Sex Machine (SKU# AH057) it keeps your helpless and turned-on submissive partner strapped in for the whole ride! They won’t be able to wriggle free when they are wearing the wide, vegan-friendly leather belt and straps! The belt has a soft inner lining and is adjustable. The classic, black vegan leather is smooth and stunning while slimming the waist and accentuating their curves. The straps adjust in length and clip the belt to the saddle using lobster clips. All metal is nickel-free for sensitive skin. To clean, wipe down with a soft cloth, warm water and mild soap.

They’re strapped in, blindfolded and bound. You turn the power up on the saddle and hear their moans increase in volume. They wriggle and writhe, wanting to escape but you know they can handle more. They would never be brave enough to take themselves over the edge. They’d never experienced this level of intensity before, but you’re about to make them quake with pleasure and ecstasy! But, not yet. You turn down the vibrations and stroke their hair, kissing them on the lips as you tease them. They’re going to ride for much longer than this, and so you turn it up to high intensity again!


  • Belt is 4 inches wide & adjusts from 26 inches to 37 inches in circumference.
  • Straps adjust from 12.75 inches to 20 inches in overall length (including metal clips).

    Materials: Vegan leather, polyester, iron

    Color: Black

    Note: Do not use with oil or petroleum products. Machines and toys pictured are not included and sold separately.

    Key Features:

  • Beautiful Vegan Leather: The smooth, black leather is vegan-friendly and has a classic look!
  • Waist Belt and Straps: The adjustable waist belt is durable and has a soft, inner lining. Straps connect it to the saddle with lobster clips.
  • Nickel-Free Metal: All straps are adjustable and use nickel-free metal.
  • Compatible with AH057 Saddle: This delicious Domination tool is compatible with our 50X Saddle Pro Sex Machine (SKU# AH057).
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