Ball Strap Metal Ball Stretcher

Connection points to add accessories, 1.3 inch inner diameter, Allen Wrench included


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Ball Strap Metal Ball Stretcher



Master Series

Indulge in intense ball-tugging play with the Ball Trap! Bring some heavy metal to your naughty activities and feel the satisfying stretch from this weighty ring. Designed to pull down on your sack with 11.6 ounces (220 grams) of weight, this metal ball stretcher is crafted for BDSM enthusiasts with a penchant for testicular play.

Featuring two attachment points for additional accessories, this Ball Trap is the perfect foundation to base your scene for the night. Punish your sub for his bad behavior with additional weights or chains connected to some ankle cuffs and force him on his knees!

Allen wrench included to undo and secure the screws holding the two halves of this ring together. The aluminum alloy material is easy to clean before and after use.

Measurements: Overall length 4.4 inches, diameter 2.4 inches, inner diameter 1.3 inches, thickness 1 inch

Materials: Aluminum alloy

Color: Metal

Note: Weights not included

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